What is a cookie?

A cookie is an information storage device that is downloaded to the user’s computer or electronic device when the user accesses a website. Cookies save and retrieve information which is primarily used to streamline user browsing.

Why does INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to retrieve information and allow the user more streamlined browsing, avoiding requests for information that has already been provided. INDIBA S.A also uses cookies to analyse user web browsing behaviour, creating a highly effective tool for assessing how well the website is working and for making improvements.

How does INDIBA S.A use cookies?

INDIBA S.A uses cookies to obtain very useful information. The type of cookies used and the information obtained by each type of cookie is explained in detail below:

Types of cookies

Analytical cookies
These cookies are used to anonymously analyse user behaviour, including number of visitors to the website and to different product specifications, origin of traffic, time and date, platform used, number of clicks on a specification, and search words used by a user to find the desired content. They are therefore very useful to INDIBA S.A for making improvements to the website and for knowing which content or design is more relevant to users.

Functional cookies
These cookies help users have a better experience when browsing the website. One example of this are the cookies used to store data on the last search for a product in order to auto fill search forms with the country, preferred city and latest products consulted by the user.

Advertising cookies
We use these cookies to display adverts on other websites in order to show adverts that are more suitable for each user. In this case we use both first-party and third-party cookies.

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are required to correctly display the website and ensure that it works properly. These cookies are related to usernames and password.

How can I get more information about cookies and how to manage and/or delete them?

You can get more information about cookies and learn how to disable them in the “Help” section of each browser’s webpage, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Remember that if you disable cookies, you may encounter problems when logging onto and browsing the website and when using our services.

If you need more information on how cookies work and how to delete them, please go to the following links: and

If, however, you do not want your data to be used by Google Analytics on all webpages, go to the following link: